The UCSB Data Warehouse ( is a repository of university data from several campus transaction systems (general ledger, payroll, budget, equipment). The Data Warehouse allows users to perform flexible queries (search on any data element; search multiple months or years; construct complex search criteria; join data from different transaction systems) and create flexible reports (sort on any data element(s); put subtotals and totals on any data elements; group, pivot and chart results to best serve your needs).

Equipment data is updated weekly, on Saturday afternoons, usually by 5:00 P.M., the update incorporating all new data entered into CATS, either by Equipment Management or by department users, during the previous week.

There are now two ways to access information stored in the Data Warehouse: by using the Brio program (for which a limited number of named user licenses are available from the Data Warehouse project) or by using EZ Access (a web interface, no license required, with an unlimited number of users). Brio is the preferred tool for users who need to create their own queries or significantly modify existing queries and who use the Data Warehouse on a frequent, if not daily, basis; EZ Access is the preferred tool for users who only need to run standard reports and who use the Data Warehouse only infrequently. At this time, most of the EZ Access reports are intended for export to Excel rather than printing. Brio is the preferred tool for users who need formatted, printable reports.

Users who only need access to the Data Warehouse for running equipment reports will probably choose to use EZ Access.

Seven standard Inventorial Equipment reports have been created for departments. All of them are available if you are using Brio. EZ Access is slightly different, with some of the reports consolidated or accessible only within another inquiry. The following table summarizes the Inventorial Equipment reports as they appear in Brio and EZ Access:

Brio EZ Access
Dept Inventory Report Inventory Inquiry
Dept Inventory Report by Building Run the Inventory Inquiry and reset the sort criteria from the default custody code/asset number to building number/room number/asset number
Dept Inventory Asset Report Run any of the other inquiries and, when the results appear, click on the Asset Number: a facsimile of the Inventory Asset Report appears
Dept Inventory Write-Off List Write-Off Inquiry
Dept Depreciated Value – All Depreciated Value Calculations Inquiry
Dept Depreciated Value – Asset Run the Depreciated Value Calculations Inquiry and add the asset number to the search criteria/limits
Dept Disposed Inventory Report Disposed Inventory Inquiry

The Brio standard reports and EZ Access Inquiries were created to provide departments with immediate access to their equipment records, without having to request printouts of mainframe CATS reports from Equipment Management. Departments can view only their own equipment records, access being restricted by the mapping of home department and custody codes. The data from all reports and inquiries can be exported into Excel and then incorporated into departmental databases. All of the standard reports and inquiries can be modified to restrict or customize the results.

A Standard Report Profile has been created for each of the Brio standard reports (no separate profiles have been created for the EZ Access inquiries); they are found under the Equipment section of the Standard Report Profiles at: